Blue Diamond Engagement Rings – Something Different

By Dirk Rendel

Many people tend to think blue diamond engagement rings are out of their league, since most jewelers will never work with one, because of their rarity. This may lead many people to wonder if a blue diamond engagement ring could ever be within their reach.

Thanks to science, methods have been created to make, or treat a diamond if you will, to make them blue. Naturally occurring fancy blue diamonds are very rare and expensive, however treated blue diamonds are not as expensive.

The treatment I am telling you about for diamonds to make them blue diamonds recreates conditions which existed millions of years ago. This is done by irradiating the diamonds which is then followed by a heat treatment to make the color stable within the diamond. Never fear being sickened by radiation, no treated diamonds emit any radiation, so you are safe wearing blue diamond engagement rings.

Treated blue diamonds are sometimes also referred to as enhanced. If the fact that these diamonds have been treated or enhanced puts you off, do consider that every diamond has been altered by the hand of man and most colored diamonds are already heat-treated.

Treated blue diamonds look every bit as natural as a non treated diamond, making them ideal for that blue diamond engagement ring you have been considering adding to your jewelery.

blue diamond engagement ringsOne would think that treated blue diamonds would be easy for a jeweler to find, but in fact they are not. Only a small percentage of diamonds can be treated in this way with current treating methods. Treated diamonds often start out in the less desirable colors such as yellow or brown, but the treatment brings out a far nicer color such as blue. The price of a treated blue diamond engagement rings is much less than the price of a non treated blue diamonds, this is one of the many reasons  treated diamonds are ideal for a blue diamond engagement rings.

One nice thing about blue diamond engagement rings is they are very much in demand. That means people will notice it on you. A blue diamond engagement ring has an air of sophistication to it.

Some of the worlds most famous diamonds ave been in fact blue diamonds, which again are prized for their rarity and clarity. Many jewelers cannot keep stock on hand for these rings, due to the rarity, remember only a small fragment of the diamonds on the market today can be treated.

Generally only the highest quality clarity diamonds are chosen for this treatment method. The blue diamond engagement rings on the market today are within reach of nearly anyone’s price range who is looking for a good and aesthetically pleasing diamond ring. The resale value of a blue diamond is much higher then the resale value of a plain colorless diamond, which also makes blue diamond engagement rings a good choice.

In closing I would like to let you know that yes while these diamonds have been treated, they are every bit as natural looking as a true blue diamond. In fact people on the street would have no idea your blue diamond ring contains a treated or enhanced diamond. Blue diamond engagement rings are simply put, elegant and stylish, and always have been.

Blue Diamond Engagement Rings – 10 things salespeople will tell you

Buying a Blue Diamond Engagement Ring is not always easy, since you rely on the salesperson in the retail store to give you all the information that you need to make an informed decision. This is why i put together a little list of things that you should watch out for.

If you hear the salesperson say any of the following, you should be wary and maybe even opt to go somewhere else:

– all blue diamonds are natural

– the color does not matter, they are all the same

– the cut is not important

– we do not carry blue diamond engagement rings, because they are all fake

– we do not have a loupe (if you hear this one, don’t walk out of the store, RUN)

– you will never see other blue diamond engagement rings (unless it is a natural blue diamond, that’s a lie)

– we only have irradiated blue diamonds, because natural blue does not exist

– blue diamond, what’s that?

– we do not have certificates for our diamonds

– how about a blue topaz

The list goes on and on. There are a lot of salespeople that are not trained, do not care, or simply prefer to lie to the customer in order to make a sale. It is imperative that you arm yourself with enough information, so you don’t fall in a trap.

Having said all that, there are a lot of established and honest companies out there, online as well as offline, that will get you what you want and guarantee what they sell.

Enjoy your hunt for a blue diamond engagement rings.


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