Blue Diamond Rings – Not Cheap

By Dirk Rendel

Blue Diamond Rings Are Not A Dime A Dozen

Marriage, as some bitter grunts out there would say, is the cause of divorce. You can bet your neighbor might think the same way too. But if you give your girl a blue diamond ring, then that’s it! Problem solved! You can even tell your neighbor that. Question is, how do you know this is the perfect choice for you? Well, it all depends on how much you have really.

Unless you have Richard Branson and Paris Hilton on speed dial, you probably can’t afford natural blue diamond rings. Despite how unattainable the item is, it’s always worthwhile finding out about it in case you stub your big toe on one. A bit of information could easily stop you from throwing thousands of dollars into the hedges of the suburban jungle in an angry rage caused by a bleeding toe.

Only the very elite members of society could ever come close to affording  natural blue diamond rings. Once a blue diamond becomes available, members of the million dollar club immediately go onto waiting lists in order to become lucky owners of this unique commodity. If your girlfriend asks for an engagement ring embedded with a blue diamond, then it’s probably a better idea to hop into your private jet and fly to some small island where she will never find you.

The blue diamond wonder is very rare indeed; that means you may have to spend an entire fortune just for this one (to please her actually). You may also need to cut back on your wedding details if you want to present it to her as an engagement ring. What, did you just recoil all of a sudden?

Blue Diamond Rings Are Exclusive

The exclusivity of natural blue diamond rings has resulted in enhanced versions. Regular diamonds are treated with radiation until they turn deep blue, very similar to that of a natural blue diamond. They are much cheaper and the radiation means that your girlfriend might develop some wicked superpowers like the ability to microwave popcorn with her mind. Joking here, but wouldn’t that be something.

Actually, most blue diamond rings you’ll find anywhere have already been irradiated just to bring out its color much better. It would be wise to consider irradiated designs since you’ll certainly save your hard-earned money by getting one. If money is not a problem to start with, then by all means seek out a natural stone.

The blue diamond’s color is derived from a flawed deposit of boron in its makeup. Having a flaw of this caliber is like waking up one day and realizing that you look exactly like Brad Pitt. While this might be a flaw because you look identical to a person who already exists, it’s not a bad thing.

The deposit of boron also gives the blue diamond the ability to act as a conductor and this is the property which truly sets it aside. It has become a major selling point for the item, because the average rich person has a bit of a geekish side which is just begging to usurp every other facet of his or her personality. I’m not sure what good a conductive gemstone can do in any practical sense, but it is pretty cool when you think about it.

If you have no job and you are waiting to win the lottery then you may as well start looking for a blue diamond in between draws. If you find one, you’ll be able to give your partner the gift of a lifetime, a blue diamond ring.

It’s also vital that you fully understand that blue diamond rings are graded the same way as everybody’s regular diamond (the clarity, color, cut and the carat). A skillful jeweler can help you determine the best ring for your woman, and your budget of course.


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