Pink Diamond Rings – Not Only For The Stars

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By Dirk Rendel

Pink Diamond Rings – Feminine

Feminine and beautiful, pink diamond rings are at the top of the list when it comes to diamond fashion. Diamonds come in a range of colors from brilliant white to deep black, there are a whole rainbow of colors out there. But nothing comes close to the classic, feminine look of the pink diamond ring. Indeed, pink diamond rings have become even more popular with the advent of celebrities sporting pink diamond engagement rings. Of course, two of the most famous pink diamond rings of all are sported by Jennifer Lopez  and Victoria Beckham. If you want bragging rights, then the pink diamond ring is right for you!

Currently the largest pink diamond in the world is known as the Sea of Light or Darya-I-Noor and is part of the Iranian crown jewels. Another fancy pink diamond known as the Steinmetz Pink is a whopping 60 carats and is a vivid pink color compared to the Sea of Light, which is pale pink in comparison. Pink diamonds symbolize love, joy and happiness. Pink is also the most feminine color of all. Pink diamonds are exceedingly rare, with only 50-60 carats mined each year. They get their pink color from an irregular crystal development and are mostly mined in the Australian Argyle mine.

pink diamond ringsPink diamonds are the go to choice when it comes to fancy gems. Although pink sapphires are gorgeous to look at, they lack the robustness that a diamond has. Don’t be roped into the pink sapphire if you don’t feel comfortable with it. You’re the consumer after all! Pink diamond rings can withstand day to day wear, year after year without the diamond becoming compromised or damaged. Pink diamond rings also possess a fire and sparkle that other gems do not.

For those looking to pop the question, perhaps they haven’t thought of using colored diamonds in the ring setting. Well, look again because these beautiful pink diamonds don’t just come in ballet slipper pink. They can range from the palest hue all the way down to a hot pink color, perfect for the rocker girl! Pink diamond rings can be cut and polished the exact same way as brilliant white diamond for maximum clarity and fire. For a girly girl, the pink diamond ring is the perfect fashion statement and one they’ll treasure forever.

Pink Diamond Rings – Natural Or Enhanced?

Very few of the pink diamonds on today’s market are produced naturally. Pink diamonds are just as hard to create even with the treatment and diamond enhancement methods of the modern era. These gems are formed deep within the earth. They are formed during a point of production of carbon in the earths crust, combined with certain curtain minerals and composites. These minerals or inclusions become trapped as the diamond crystallizes. With the minerals safely trapped within the crystal, they are safe from becoming vaporized by the heat. It is these inclusions which give the diamond its color. The diamond forms under intense pressure and heat, causing the carbon to crystallize. Needless to say this is a lot of stuff that needs to happen before a pink diamond ring can even be created.

Most of the diamonds we see today are colorless. There are other colors of diamonds such as brown diamonds, but the demand is much lower for these diamonds. Blue diamonds are pretty rare as well, but the conditions needed to create a pink diamond happen in nature less than even the conditions needed to create a majestic blue diamond. Fancy pink grade or better diamonds make up an even smaller percent of the market, and even rarer then this would be the fancy pink intense grade diamond. Some people opt for a treated diamond, in an effort to save money, but the price difference is hardly any difference, if at all. This is because the rough needed to create a pink one are themselves also rare and expensive. With careful shopping however one might find an affordable ring.

Pink diamond rings are also found in fashion type rings as well. Increasingly popular are pave style bands and channel set bands which showcase the pink diamonds in different color metals such as rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Jewelers also like to mix and match both pink and white diamonds for maximum effect and wear ability. The effect of mixing both types of diamonds together works very well indeed. Pink diamond rings are a conversation piece for sure. For those looking for a unique pink diamond ring, try putting on one of these lovely rings and you’ll be in love!

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