Cubic Zirconia Jewelry – A Girls Best Friend

By Dirk Rendel

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry As An Alternative

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Girls are not easy to woo and diamonds are not cheap to buy. Everyone wants to propose with a pretty diamond ring but not everyone has that sort of money to buy an exquisitely carved brilliant cut diamond ring. What do we do? We buy exquisitely carved cubic zirconia jewelry instead of real diamond rings. Cubic zirconia or CZ is a synthetically produced semiprecious stone. This comes so close to the diamond in terms of brilliance that only trained eyes can make out the difference. Cubic zirconia has been popular since as early as 1976.

Your love may be blind, but the marriage will eventually become a real eye-opener, and for so many good reasons. By now, your imaginations may already be running wild. Relax. There’s no need to take a step back. Just arm yourself with cubic zirconia jewelry and you will certainly prove your imaginations wrong.
Cubic zirconia jewelry is already synonymous to popular wedding jewelry choices. Cubic zirconias (CZs) are regarded as synthetic gemstones, which are also the most popular among lab-created diamonds. The jewelry is purely beautiful, well defined and affordable. Here are some great reasons why you should get one.
Beauty – if you want an engagement ring boasting of a large, flawless and sparkling stone, CZ rings with their clear, colorless gems and the absence of any discolorations are the best choice. You can even bet they do not have those inclusions normally found in various natural gemstones that easily detract from the appearance. CZ engagement rings are usually made of a certain lustrous precious metal (white gold or sterling silver in some cases) just like those found diamond rings.
Variety – CZ stones are available in an exciting variety of shapes (especially with the normal gemstone cuts) and colors. If you are fond of traditional wedding jewelry, you will surely love the clear CZs in their classic designs, like the elegant round brilliant solitaire or a princess-cut style three-stone ring. CZs offer you great choices for distinctive ring design concepts.

Ethics – now that both economy and progress are now our society’s rallying call forward, we find ourselves concerned of the consequences and impacts on our fragile planet. Couples-to-be who would rather have an eco-friendly wedding theme would be happy to know that synthetic gemstones are never connected to our mining activities for natural resources (or harvested from fragile environments). They are rather from closed and controlled environments inside labs that had no effects to the eco-community whatsoever.
Affordability – with the moral and ethical responsibilities to the environment already settled, we can now turn our attention to the affordability. Typically, CZ jewelry is more affordable compared to diamond jewelry. It is obvious these large and flawless diamonds are everything expensive, yet you can still get  large cubic zirconia jewelry without having to spend as much as you would with diamonds of the same size.
There are actually many more reasons why you should get cubic zirconia for your jewelry. Aside from being much cheaper from the ideal diamond rings, you also have to take into consideration that all engagement bands are just temporary rings, and soon enough they will be replaced with wedding rings. This tells you to play smart; opt for cubic zirconia stones for the engagement and have it replaced later with the real diamond ring for the wedding. This is in every way the practical choice if money and other budget issues stand in the way.
There is absolutely nothing to worry about here. Cubic zirconia jewelry may cost only a fraction of today’s diamond favorites but you can be certain these give out almost the same brilliance, elegance and beauty as with diamond rings. Before, men bragged at how easy they caught their women in their arms before marriage. Now, you can hear them muttering how they have to catch them with their pockets after marriage. Rest assured this will never be your case with cubic zirconia jewelry.

Cubic zirconia jewelry has quite a few advantages, the biggest being the price. Cubic zirconia jewelry will cost  a fraction of what similarly sized diamond rings would cost. Since cubic zirconia is produced in a controlled environment, a certain degree of control can be exercised on many of its characteristics like clarity and color. Therefore, cubic zirconia is made flawless and can be made virtually in any color. Cubic zirconia jewelry will be as hard as diamond rings…don’t worry about them chipping easily.

Unlike diamonds, cubic zirconias are measured by diameter and not weight (carat). Between a diamond and a cubic zirconia of the same size, the cubic zirconia will trump diamond in weight by about 1.7 times. But just like diamond a cubic zirconia also comes graded a single carat high grade cubic zirconia can cost about $100 easily.

How to care for your jewelry

Cubic Zirconia jewelry needs to be looked after like any other jewelry. You can clean the cubic zirconia using a conventional detergent or a specialized jewelry cleaning liquid. These days there is an option of using an ultra-sonic jewelry cleaner. One should remember that the brilliance of the stone can be compromised if a film forms on the surface. Care should be taken that the surface remains clean and doesn’t come in contact with any harmful substances. Wiping the surface thoroughly after cleaning will ensure that the sheen remains intact. It may be a pseudo-diamond cubic zirconia jewelry but it is jewelry nonetheless. Little steps go a long way towards maintaining the sparkling relationship people develop with their cubic zirconia jewelry.

1976 made professing your love infinitely easier. You don’t need to be a rich guy to love. After all, feelings matter more, and you can always buy a real diamond ring later – your girl ought to understand. In the meantime the right option is cubic zirconia jewelry.


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