Cushion Cut Engagement Rings – Use Candles

By Dirk Rendel

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings and Female Vocabulary

Girls get silly ideas. Sometimes these silly ideas result in a hundred decorative pillows on your bed and sometimes they involve getting married. Sometimes they combine terrible ideas and pitch an amalgamated mess of ill-conception to you, in the form of a request for a cushion cut engagement ring. This football-interrupting sneak attack then leaves you bewildered and questioning what on earth a cushion cut engagement rings are.

There are certain commonly used words in the feminine vernacular that make the average man tremble when they are mentioned. Included within this fear-inducing collection of words is, engagement, cushion and rings. To reduce the stoic composure of a football-watching, fire-breathing, 300-loving modern man to a bundle of confusion, all a girlfriend needs to do is combine these three words into the neat phrase, “cushion cut engagement ring.”

Fear not, the internet has provided a solution to everything from sexual frustration to kitchen remodeling. Somewhere within the extensive collection of scantily dressed women and marble counters, there is information on your girlfriend’s dream ring. By stumbling across this site, you have found a solution to your bewilderment and you can finally erase the frown from the forehead of your significant others contorted visage

Qualifying a diamond ring with the word cushion is frightening for two reasons; firstly, the average guy finds cushions completely superfluous; secondly, he has no idea what she is talking about. These factors when combined with the obvious stress of getting engaged could easily drive a man to engage in research on drink-induced comas.

The modern era has resulted in all research being conducted on the internet. The internet has become the unlimited encyclopedia of everything and this also applies to things like engagement rings. In an effort to help reduce the ignorance of the male population we have decided to provide you with some basic information on cushion cut engagement rings.

Cushion cut engagement rings allow the diamond to refract light most beautifully when viewed under a candle. One would think that the invention of the light bulb would’ve done away with this cut, but it has time-traveled to our time in the capsule of romantic sentimentality.

If your research started on the internet then you have done very well, because cushion cut engagement rings are most easily purchased on the internet. This style of diamond cutting dates back to the candlelit 1800s. It is said that the cushion cut allows the diamond to shine most prominently under candlelight. The invention of light bulbs and the steady degradation of romance mean that candles have become an unpopular source of lighting and cushion cut diamond rings have consequently become difficult to find.

The anarchist streak in the average woman has ensured the survival of cushion cut diamond rings. Women who want something a little less conventional will request a cushion cut engagement ring as this more distinctively illustrates their love.

Most women are happy to settle for a more modern style of ring, but there is always that one girl who happens to be a little different and you are the lucky guy who gets to date her. Some girls enjoy the retro look of a diamond which is cut to resemble one of those useless couch cushions (hence the name).  The diamond, once attained, can also be mounted onto a ring of your choice. This means that the vintage diamond can be imported into the modern age and it won’t look as though your girlfriend is wearing a dinosaur relic as a sign of her devotion to you.

The original designer obviously lacked a creative streak when it came to naming things, because a cushion cut diamond simply resembles an average decorative cushion. The diamond is normally bought separately and then mounted onto a ring. This means that the diamond will offer an antique touch to a modern design.

The unique shape of the cushion cut diamond will ensure that your girlfriend is envied by everyone and the originality of your selection will be celebrated in the gossip circles of all suburban housewives

Sometimes we have to take the bad ideas that are thrown at us and run with them. See the insane request of a cushion cut engagement ring as an opportunity to prove that you aren’t utterly useless. If you find a smart jeweler and have the diamond cut and mounted onto the ring, she will know that you are willing to put in a little extra effort. Gestures like these serve as an adhesive that keeps your relationship bound when things get tough and she will wear her cushion cut engagement ring with pride.

Now that you know what a cushion cut engagement rings are, you can get back to watching ‘300’ for the 300th and relax, knowing that the internet can prepare you for almost any new dilemma.


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