Diamond Eternity Bands – Scary?

By Dirk Rendel

Diamond Eternity Bands Are The Way To Go

Eternity is scary no matter how you look at it. An eternal repeat of the most enjoyable experience will eventually turn into a mundane chore more rather than a fun pastime. The thing that makes damnation so frightening is not the burning, but that fact that it persists in ad infinitum. Despite the obvious negativity which the concept of eternity entails, lovers consistently profess that their love is forever. The extent of the claims has become so popular that diamond eternity bands have emerged to materially represent the eternal love between the couple.

The average guy would initially react to this situation by blaming feminine sentimentality for such laughable hopefulness, but this would be a massive misreading. A diamond eternity band is so versatile that they are becoming particularly popular in circles filled with testosterone. Yes, your best friend might be wearing an eternity ring and you don’t even know it.

The ring is characterized by a thin row of diamonds which wrap around the entire band in a continuous, unbroken line. A full diamond eternity band will appear the same from all angles and this makes it one of the more comfortable options for the average guy. The continuity is said to represent the endlessness of the love between the parties.

Diamond eternity bands are not a new or fading fashion. Quite the contrary!  As a matter of fact, eternity rings are documented to have been customary as far back as 2000BC.  The circle of the ring is meant to represent the endless nature and promise of one’s love to another.  In the early history of the eternity ring, they were made of more common materials, such as reeds, papyrus, or other common but strong natural materials.  It wasn’t until metals such as silver and gold became more prevalent that eternity rings followed the fashion and were found in the windows of jewelers and craftsmen alike.

Once diamond eternity bands began to be fashioned from sturdy or expensive metals, symbolism struck an even higher chord and precious stones were added to the construction – rubies as red as one’s loving heart, sapphires as clear as the sky above, or diamond’s as indestructible as the love between the two.  Originally, Diamond Eternity Rings were a symbol of the groom’s eternal love and constructed in such a way that the stones were flush mounted.  This style accommodated smaller stones but was popular because of its comfort.

The versatility of the ring allows couples to get matching pieces which can be paraded in a nauseating display of hopeful love. When you see matching diamond eternity bands it is well advised to keep your honest opinion securely hidden within the confines of your rational mind. Stating statistics concerning divorce and breakup rates will only result in the loss of friends and permanent alienation. Those less fortunate will end up with a diamond eternity band imprint across the forehead.

All this talk about rows of diamonds might make you think that you have an escape route, because the exorbitant expense of the gemstones will ensure that you cannot afford the item. The evil creators of diamond eternity bands had the foresight to design the more affordable half infinity diamond ring to compel you to make the purchase.

The diamonds on a half diamond eternity band only wrap halfway around. This does away with the infinite metaphor which one would associate with a circle, but it doesn’t stop the poverty stricken from making a purchase.

With so many other diamond rings, diamond eternity bands are beautiful, personal, and meaningful, but that does not mean you should limit yourself to considering one for an engagement ring.  Diamond eternity bands can represent your undying love, a new addition to the family, an anniversary, or any other milestone that you would love to celebrate by lavishing your lady with a sparkly something.  The occasions for diamond eternity bands are as individual as you two as a couple, so look for a ring that suits your style and celebrate the promise of an eternity of love with a diamond eternity band.

It is important to understand that the whole concept of half-eternity is oxymoronic and that it makes no sense. If you are going to purchase a diamond eternity band, then you should go all the way. Half of eternity will be long enough so you may as well just go all the way and celebrate the full extent of the repetitive burning which awaits you.


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