Diamond Eternity Rings – Forever

By Dirk Rendel

Are you looking for a ring that will entice happy sighs and the look of love in your significant others eyes? Diamond eternity rings are the answer! It’s an expression of your love and commitment as everyone can see in the design. Diamond eternity rings have the unique design of a row of small diamonds all the way around the band making them easy to recognize.

There is more to a ring than appears firsthand. The circular shape, a never ending loop, conveys a subtle message of eternity. Studded with a diamond, the humble ring conveys, “Be with me, forever, just like this diamond”. A diamond eternity ring is sure to last forever.

Frequently, diamond eternity rings are chosen as the wedding ring because it features a row of small diamonds of the same shape, size and quality in a continuous circular band around the finger. The word eternity comes from the fact that the diamonds are dotted in a perfect, endless circle around the finger of the loved one as if into infinity. This keeps the appearance of the ring exactly the same no matter how you look at it and you aren’t constantly adjusting the band to keep the diamonds in place because they are always able to be seen. Diamond eternity rings are stylish, simple and equally fashionable alone or complimenting an engagement ring. The cost isn’t prohibitive because the diamonds used are small.

A diamond eternity ring can be bought with just the diamond in the band or with a choice of rubies, emerald, sapphires, amber and other precious stones. The price of your diamond eternity ring will vary with your choice of stones. Half diamond eternity rings will cost far less than a full diamond eternity ring. Most people insist that the diamonds be placed strategically at the crown of the band when ordering a half diamond eternity ring.

There are a few things you want to consider when choosing the perfect diamond eternity ring. The size, cut, color and clarity of the diamonds all play a part in the final product and cost. Choosing to go with 18k white gold or the somewhat more expensive, heavier platinum will also factor into your final price tag. Be sure your choice of a diamond eternity ring is a compliment to other rings you may wear with it. Platinum doesn’t look so hot with yellow gold and neither does your class ring. Really, though, the sky is the limit when it comes to these type of bands.

You can also go for custom-made diamond eternity ring. It is a tedious process of creating a dummy ring and modifying the same according to the individual finger size, and the cost of the ring reflects it. It starts with the creation of a band along with prongs for embedding the diamonds. Once the diamonds are painstakingly set in the ring, the modifications with regards to the size of the ring is a challenge. This is avoided in half diamond eternity rings since the band can be easily re-sized as opposed to the resetting of the diamonds for every slight modification. It is due to to this that there are few jewelers who stock diamond eternity rings.

Usually a channel setting is adopted but various other settings can also be included in accordance with the type of diamonds being embedded in the diamond eternity ring. A square or rectangle cut diamond with edges that are not curved is the most preferred choice of those that opt for a diamond eternity ring. The relatively new princess cut is used when a square or rectangle shaped diamond is selected. It is best known for injecting brilliance into the diamond by incorporating a culet in the middle. A culet provides depth to the diamond by providing a pointed pavilion (end-tip), six side facets and a large crown (surface).

There are several other choices for the shape of diamond for your diamond eternity ring. Each diamond choice will affect the look of the band in its own way and offer its own distinctive uniqueness. Here is a quick look at their particular characteristics.

Asscher cut diamond eternity rings (stop laughing guys!) – are a classic. They are elegant with cut corners like the emerald cut but shaped in a square.

Emerald cut eternity rings are known for clean lines, step-cut facets in a rectangular shape. It’s a popular choice because of its simple elegance.

Princess cut eternity rings are the most popular of the fancy shaped diamonds. Featuring unique pointed corners and usually a square cut, occasionally rectangular, it is faceted a bit like the round brilliant cut diamond to enhance its brilliance.

Round brilliant cut eternity rings are the most researched and preferred diamond shape known for its dazzling and fiery look.

Radiant cut eternity rings have similar shape and faceting to the princess cut but have cut corners. It also shares both square and rectangular cuts with the princess.

A marriage is for all eternity, but your fiancee doesn’t have to be stuck with the plain old band. Modern jewelers have the ability to make practically anything you wish, so guys think about designing a wedding band she’ll treasure forever. Diamond eternity rings are a fabulous choice for the discerning woman.

Diamond eternity rings can be presented any day to express your unending affection towards anyone in your family, be it your wife, mother, sister, or daughter. It is a relatively unexpected gift for most, and is sure to be valued and cherished for the entire life.


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