Mens Diamond Rings – More Popular

By Dirk Rendel

Mens diamond rings are becoming more popular than ever

The days when mens jewelery was limited to cuff links and a watch are gone forever. The modern man has a collection of jewelery including pins, necklaces, and wrist chains and in particular the diamond ring.

Diamond rings for men can be a way of showing your personality in a cultured and stylish manner. A diamond ring is one of the most elegant pieces of jewelery a man can own and symbolizes success while subtly emphasizing supremacy. Mens diamond rings can be worn as a wedding ring or engagement ring or more commonly as a fashion statement.

In a man’s ring the setting and band are more important than a woman’s ring and typically a man’s ring will be simpler. Mens diamond rings also tend to be wider and more noticeable than womens. The kind of materials used can vary from gold and platinum to titanium or stainless steel or even carbon fiber. More recently rings have become available in palladium and tungsten.

Mens Diamond Ring Are Good As Wedding Bands

It’s only relatively recently that men have been wearing wedding rings. The practice only became common at the end of World War 2. Traditionally wedding bands worn by men are simple and unadorned with no special designs; however consider that this ring will be on his finger for a very long time. Often it will be the only jewelery that he wears and it needs to tell the world who he is. A wedding band is a significant and important piece of jewelery and with a diamond subtly placed in it you can add an extra touch of style and personal meaning.
Often a mans diamond ring will have a number of smaller diamonds rather than a single large one. In a woman’s ring the solitaire diamond is usually the most popular and for this reason the setting is not so important; it’s just there to hold the diamond, but in a man’s ring the setting and the ring itself are an integral part of its appeal.

The Engagement Ring

In modern Western culture it is traditional for women to be the only ones to wear an engagement ring. Womens engagement rings are often crowned with a single diamond and unfairly or not her friends and relatives will use the size and quality of the diamond to judge the status and wealth of the man who proposed.
mens diamond ringsIn today’s world it is becoming more common for both men and women to wear an engagement ring. After all why should a man miss out? Think of how happy a bride to be is when she shows off her engagement ring; doesn’t a man deserve to feel this happiness as well? An engagement ring is a way for a couple to show there devotion to each other and for a man to show his pledge to the woman he loves.
Many men are also unused to wearing jewelery so an engagement ring can be a kind of “practice” ring before he starts wearing a wedding band.

The Dress Ring

A dress ring is worn in daily life and doesn’t celebrate engagement or a wedding. A dress ring is worn as a fashion statement. We are moving further away from the days when a man would only wear a ring to show affiliation with a club or school, today a ring can show a man’s good taste in a powerful and subtle way.
A dress ring is an accessory that can accent an outfit or just be worn on its own. Some men will wear a ring that has religious significance such as a diamond studded crucifix.
A man’s dress ring can have a single diamond but will more typically contain several smaller diamonds that align to form a pattern. Generally mens rings will be in a style that is more understated and subtle then a woman’s ring and the diamond will be set with a channel or bezel setting rather than with a prong setting. This is practical as a protruding diamond could interfere when he’s working with his hands and for this reason is associated with masculinity.

Mens diamond rings are unequaled for style and class and deserve a place on any mans finger. What ever the reason you choose to wear a diamond ring the modern man shouldn’t be without one.


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