Mens Diamond Rings – For Machos

By Dirk Rendel

Mens Diamond Rings are for Real Men

It happened over night and beer guzzling sports supporters thought it was doomed to a very short existence. It started with highlighted Mohican hairstyles and quickly progressed to include scarves and man purses. Today, the evolution of Beckham’s creation has even allowed men to wear diamond rings and there is nothing that the old school of testosterone filled soldiers can do about it.

The metro-sexual man’s arrival was a divisive affair; traditionalists bemoaned the lack of masculinity and aficionados proclaimed that it was a true reflection of gender equality. No matter on which side of the fence you sit, you cannot deny that the influence of the metro male is overwhelming.

The hairstyles were first limited to soccer players who wanted to emulate the star status of David Beckham, but today even rugby players (possibly the most brutal collection of ogres in sport) have started to sport Mohican hairstyle and frosted tips.

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to suggest that the success of the metro-male could be attributable to desires of women. Demand dictates how we behave and women currently want good looking guys who don’t lose their physiques when they stop playing sports. The influence of women on the modern man is so pervasive that mens diamond rings, illustrating commitment, have even been integrated into the ensemble of fashion accessories.

Men can now be seen sporting reasonably large gemstones on their mens diamond rings. The feminine touch lets observers know that the man is taken. The ring is designed to illustrate that the man has a woman in his life. In the same way that women decorate the bedroom, so too do they accessorize their men.

The continued prevalence of the metro-male is attributable to the complicity men in the movement from Stallone to Brosnan. Men no longer want to be seen as strong, all-conquering soldiers with speech impediments. When man wear mens diamond rings,. it illustrates that they are committed enough to sacrifice a bit of his bravado and masculinity.

Mens Diamond Rings And David Beckham

When David Beckham first wore a sarong and pioneered the concept of the metro-male, there was a great groan of disgust from the majority of the male population. Patrons of English pubs could no longer support the soccer hero and cheers were quickly replaced by snidely remarks about the girly-voiced celebrity wannabe. What those old men didn’t realize was that Beckham had started a movement that would change the way we view masculinity. Today metro-males can be seen carrying a bag, sporting a wide array of creative hairstyles and wearing mens diamond rings.

The last one might come as a huge surprise because diamond rings have always been marketed as a feminine product, but this is slowly changing. In 1215 Pope Nicolas I declared that men should give rings to their wives to illustrate wealth and commitment. He thereby started the long tradition of engagement and couple rings.

The unequal distribution of wealth meant that men were the primary gift-givers. It wasn’t until WWII that women started giving rings to soldiers as a sign of commitment. This tradition outlived the war and it has been incorporated into regular engagement practice in many cultures.

The metro-male has allowed for this tradition to progress and include mens diamond rings. The rings are often styled in a way which looks chic but does not sacrifice any masculinity. Modern men can now freely show off their wealth without being inhibited by antiquated gender assignations.

These days, mens diamond rings can be found in all shapes and sizes. From the aforementioned “bling” type diamond rings to mens engagement rings, there is now a wide selection for men to choose from. If you just want something shiny and cool on your finger, you can check everything from a men’s double row diamond ring to a “rolex” style mens diamond ring. Both are very popular options.

A mens double row diamond ring is just that – a ring (usually gold), with two rows of diamonds set diagonally in the band. It has an almost “twisted” look to it that makes it unique. A “rolex” style men’s diamond ring gets it’s name from looking almost like a miniature Rolex watch. It often has a grooved look on the side that looks somewhat like a watchband, and it has several small diamonds set in the face of the band in a square pattern. Either one of these designs is bound to get you a little attention from the ladies!

Mens diamond rings have proved particularly popular in the Far East, with “couple rings” being a necessity for the modern couple. If you thought that same-same couples ended at matching T-shirts then you would be very mistaken. Matching couple rings are quickly becoming the most important relationship accessory. If the girlfriend’s ring is embedded with diamonds then the boyfriend’s also has to have a stone or two. Mens diamonds rings are not only accepted, but expected in countries like South Korea.

Gender roles are becoming less defined because the modern man has progressed from a cave-dwelling protector to a sophisticated gentleman clad in the finest suit. Mens diamond rings have become acceptable because guys are choosing to be more like Daniel Craig rather than Sylvester Stallone. Fashion pioneers like David Beckham may have caused a bit of an uproar in the pubs of traditionalists, but their beer-powered voices aren’t loud enough to halt the ascent of the metro-sexual man.

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Some guys may be afraid to buy a diamond ring since they are expensive, and we all know that guys are tougher on stuff than girls! However guys, don’t worry – diamonds are one of the toughest materials on earth! If you want to get noticed, I promise mens diamond rings stand out, and in a good way!


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