Mens Diamond Wedding Rings – In Style

By Dirk Rendel

Mens Diamond Wedding Rings Are Getting Popular

There was a time when men slayed dragons to show their commitment. After dragons they hunted real lions and fought wars to illustrate how great they were. Today the symbol of commitment has become a little more accessible and far less dangerous. As a guy, all you need to do today is sacrifice a bit of your bravado and perhaps wear a mens diamond wedding ring.

There was a time when the bi-syllabic dialogue of Arnie had women drooling and wanting his steroid filled arms wrapped around their bodies in a grip of overwhelming passion. They soon realized that muscles didn’t necessarily mean testicles and they shifted onto the suave wit of a guys like Pierce Brosnan or Hugh Grant; guys who could hold conversation, as well as they looked good in suits.

Societal competitiveness has now extended to the dating arena and diamonds have become common place. In a show of opulence, rappers and famous soccer players wear diamond earrings. It was only a matter of time before the diamonds moved further south and decorated the fingers of those who could afford them.

Couples who want to show the extent of their commitment can, today, exchange diamond rings or even get matching pieces. The tradition of men wearing rings has traveled to the modern age from the Second World War. In the blood filled years of that international conflict, rings had to robust and durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions. Today’s corporate battling means that the ring can be decorated with diamonds to result in a softer, but by no means feminine look.

The marketing slogan that diamonds are forever was originally targeted at women who wanted to be told that their love would be everlasting. Today, men can also be given the gift of mens diamond wedding rings, which unquestioningly declares that the love is complete and everlasting.

The age of the brutish thug is over and you would be foolish not to accept it. In the modern era, you can choose to sit on a couch and watch your beer gut grow, or you can do something to better yourself. To consider mens diamond wedding rings effeminate wasteful jewelry is hopelessly misdirected. A mens diamond wedding ring is meant to capture something of your lover in its shape and beauty. The fact that it has a feminine softness does not mean that the wearer is emasculated, all it means is that he is sensitive enough to show that he is proud to be in love and that certainly puts mens diamond wedding rings in style.

Jewelers are recognizing the trend in mens diamond rings and are producing more and more quality jewelry. Diamonds used in both bands and signet type rings are of the best quality, similar to what one would find in women’s bridal jewelry. Likewise, mens diamond wedding rings can have solitaires, small size diamonds in a pattern or even pave. The list is endless with all the different combinations on the market. Some jewelers will even custom design a mens diamond wedding ring according to taste. Using diamonds in the wedding band is becoming increasingly popular and there are a lot more masculine diamond bands out there than ever before.

Options out there for mens diamond wedding rings also include estate pieces that can range from unique Art Deco styles to modern, sleek and contemporary. Masculine diamond jewelry is really diverse in styles and there is something to please every man, whether it be a plain diamond band or an ornate Art Deco pave ring. It’s worth noting that mens diamond wedding rings should be appraised and insured just the same as a women’s engagement and wedding band that include diamonds. Mens diamond wedding rings used to be a status symbol, but as fashions change they are now considered to be more a fashion statement. Guys, don’t need to worry about being stereotyped as the quintessential mobster or gambler (unless they want to be of course!) With the advent of different colored metals and diamonds, they can compliment many different outfits and skin tones.

In many cultures the diamond is considered to be beautiful, strong and durable, much like a strong marriage. Giving a diamond to each other on the wedding day is believed to be lucky and so we are seeing a surge in mens diamond wedding rings used as wedding bands. Also popular in the use of mens diamond wedding rings is the use of engraving. Many have dates, quotes and names inscribed on the inside.

Overall, mens diamond wedding rings are expected to stay in fashion for a long time to come. There’s a style out there for everybody, whether you’re into a classic look or something more contemporary, mens diamond wedding rings remain timeless.


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