Mens Engagement Rings – In Style

By Dirk Rendel

Mens Engagement Rings Are In Style

From time immemorial, we have seen ladies waiting for their men to pop “the” question. The modern woman is a little short on patience, the times are fast. It is now not uncommon to see her pop “the” question rather than waiting tirelessly for her guy to propose.

No, it is not that men don’t wear jewelry. Rings in form of plain bands of silver and platinum can be seen, and they also wear silver chains and bracelets. But mens engagement rings? Diamonds were a girl’s best friend, I thought; but they seem to have taken to an all new fan-following. Women who wish to propose their guys may safely choose mens engagement rings and they will be greeted to a wide variety that is both in line with your man’s style and your budget!

What is a proposal without a ring?  Previously the options for mens engagement rings were limited but they are plentiful now, witnessing the rise in number of bold ladies willing to arrest their man forever with mens engagement rings.

You want to propose your guy and make him weak in his knees? Do it in style – your man’s style. Mens engagement rings are available in all varieties – you can easily pick up a subtle or adventurous mens diamond ring based on your man’s preferences.

While a mens engagement ring should have a diamond, cubic zirconia and moissanite are also becoming popular options with people. There are lots of options to choose from, lots of colors, lots of cuts, lots of band options…you’ll sure find something just right for your man!

For decades, gold and sterling silver dominated the jewelry market. Now, men like to differentiate themselves from anything remotely feminine, and these days one can get a mens engagement in a variety of metals.

For masculinity sake, mens engagement rings used to be a plain band of chosen metal. Today, men are not averse to the idea of multiple gemstones studded in the band. The gems are usually set in pave or channel setting. Prongs are not used as unlike the female counterpart, rings for gentleman have diamonds studded in the band itself.

If you are buying an engagement ring, consider buying a matched pair for you and your beloved! Both the rings have the same design and the women’s ring comes with a solitaire in the center of the band. Sometimes the width of the band also differs but basic design remains same to showcase a matched pair.

The cost of a each ring depends on various factors like the metal used for the band, type of gem used and number of gems used. Sterling silver is the cheapest available metal if you are on a budget, and it doesn’t look bad either. A nice trend these days is that men even like some diamonds in their mens engagement rings.

Gone are the days when mens engagement rings could be bought only in a gold band with a solitaire in bezel setting. These days it is easy to get a ring that suits your man’s style, be it soft or rugged. There are several options available for the metal of the band. Not just gold, now the band can be had in silver, platinum and the most macho of all – the godly titanium.

Mens engagement rings usually consist of colorless diamonds as they are neutral. Diamonds with hint of color – like light blue or grey – are also used. Yet, our flamboyant Casanova knows no limits, anything and everything will look good on him.

If you are in the market shopping for mens engagement rings, you may want to buy a matched pair. Usually such sets consist of one female ring and one male ring but you may also get identical rings – it is all the customer’s choice. In a matched pair, the band of the women’s diamond rings and mens diamond rings is same, i.e., they will be made with same metal, same sized stones and same setting of stone. The difference is in that the women’s ring is usually studded with a big stone (diamond or any other stone) surrounded by smaller stones while the mens ring usually consists of small, colorless stones – mostly diamonds.

Just like with any other jewelry, care should be taken while buying mens engagement rings. Certificate of grading should be sought with every purchase. Carefully inspect the diamond in bright light (preferably day light) for any flaws apparent to naked eyes. You can ask for a magnifying eye for the purpose.

The price of mens engagement rings depends on various factors. The grade of the diamonds used is the most important factor apart from weight. The metal used is also important. Silver is cheapest and platinum and titanium are expensive. But usually mens diamond rings don’t cost much in comparison to women’s diamond rings.

Mens engagement rings are the perfect gift for the man in your life. You can be sure that he will see your face in the sparkle of those diamonds whenever his eyes rest on the gift from his lady love.


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