Moissanite Engagement Rings – An Alternative

By Dirk Rendel

Moissanite Engagement Rings Are A Viable Alternative

There was a time when diamonds were an everlasting gift of devotion and love. People have started looking for comparable alternatives that rival a diamonds beauty.

If you have an aversion to cubic zirconia because you regard it as cheap diamond knock-off, then maybe you should have a look at moissanite engagement rings when you decide to pop the question.

There are many reasons why moissanite engagement rings have assumed the popularity it has seen today. One of the main reasons why people have regarded these rings as a great option for engagement rings is the fact that moissanite has a number of characteristics that match closely with diamonds, even though are not as expensive as the diamonds.

The Background Of Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite is considered to be a good replacement for diamonds today. Its history dates back quite a bit into the past. In fact, it is not after 1893 that this gemstone came into being. Henri Moissan was the first person to come across moissanite, which is how it got its name. He was doing research work with the substances found in the meteor site in Arizona then.

moissanite engagement ringsBut that was not when this substance came to being used as replacement for diamond in rings. In fact, it was not even known to be Moissanite, but a compound silicon carbide. It took almost a decade for him to understand that it was not silicon carbide after all, which was in 1904.

How Good Are these Rings?

Now, moissanite engagement rings are something that should be lifelong. Therefore, you must be wondering if moissanite engagement rings are a good choice for you, even though they may be cheaper than the traditional diamond rings. The first thing to note over here is that this material is almost as hard as a diamond, and therefore quite capable of taking up the position of the real gem.

Craftsmen are widely using Moissanite these days to make engagement rings, and they have become quite popular amongst the buyers as well. You can get moissanite set on the number of different types of bands, made in silver, gold, platinum, etc.

Apart from moissanite engagement rings, you can also lay your hands on a number of other moissanite jewelry, like necklaces, ear rings, bracelets, pendants, and even other types of rings. These can come in a number of designs, cuts, shapes and can match most of the attributes of a real diamond.

Therefore, not only do you get something which nearly is as tough as a diamond, but you can also expect a range of designs and styles to go for with such jewelry. In fact, it can be used almost anywhere where you may expect to find a diamond.

Moissanite has a very intriguing history and this has become one of its major selling points. The stone was initially discovered by an explorer who found, what he thought were diamonds, in a meteorite. After some tests, it was revealed that the stone was not a diamond and rumors quickly spread about the discovery of an alien gemstone.

These rumors were proven untrue when deposits of the stone were found elsewhere on the earth, but marketers quickly pounced onto this exploited the public’s gullibility. The stone is starting to become a major competitor to the diamond because of the similarities in appearance and hardness.

Moissanite is so similar to diamonds that most jewelers can’t even distinguish the two. Your girlfriend will definitely not be able to spot the small differences in the chemical makeup. If you are interested in aesthetic appeal, rather than spending money, then moissanite is a perfect alternative to the diamond.

The stone is so rare that it must be grown in laboratories to make it marketable. Traditionalists will argue that this isn’t a pure expression of love, because the stone isn’t real. Those same traditionalists are simply regurgitating a myth produced by the diamond industry in order to justify the continuation of diamond mining. If love is to be measured by the natural authenticity of a gift then only the hippies are doing it right.

Most of us aren’t hippies, but we still have morals.  We need to start breaking down the myths. As people become more critical of the diamond industry, they will become more accepting of synthetically grown stones like moissanite. It is important to remember that the authenticity of your love is not measured by a gift, no matter where it was discovered and moissanite engagement rings are just as valuable as their diamond cousin.


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