Pave Diamond Engagement Rings – A Lot More Diamonds

By Dirk Rendel

Today pave diamond engagement rings have indeed become a fashion statement and used by many celebrities. A very close body attachment of individually cut diamonds produce a brilliant sparkle, which can easily outshine different other forms of jewelery in the diamond family.
To select the best of the rings, first check on the diamond setting. A good pave diamond engagement ring will have very closely set diamonds that should entirely cover the body of the metal ring. Careful scrutiny should reveal whether there are gaps or if the diamonds are too spaced out. There should be a harmonious and continuous flow in the diamond setting which should produce a “shimmering” effect. The rings can come in different styles including classic, antique or contemporary. Before buying it always helps to take expert advice of a professional, specially certified diamond gemologist.

Pave diamond engagement rings can be a great choice for you if you are looking to buy some diamond jewelry. There are a number of things that come into play when you decide to buy such rings, or any pave diamond jewelry for that matter . Diamonds come in a range of different cuts and settings, and the pave setting is very popular amongst diamond shoppers today.

Why choose pave diamond engagement rings?

The very first thing to note here is that a pave diamond ring uses more than one diamond for the jewelry. The diamonds are set in such a way that it appears as if they have been paved like the bricks or stones on a pavement. Depending on the size and the number of the diamonds used, a ring may be completely hidden beneath the diamonds.

pave diamond ring

A picture of a pave diamond ring

If the diamonds are “paved” all around the ring, the ring is said to have a full pave setting. It looks like a band with diamonds all around it. The other option to look at is the half pave. As the name suggests, only half of the pave diamond ring is paved with the diamonds in this case. Needless to say, the half pave is more comfortable to wear and cheaper than the full pave setting.

Another option to look at with pave is the micro pave setting. These rings are generally cheaper, and will have less number of diamonds covering only a fraction of the whole band. The diamonds are generally smaller and are paved quite closely. Even though these diamond rings are cheaper than the previous settings, you can get a great looking pave diamond engagement rings of this variety as well.

The Popularity of Pave Diamond Rings

The main reason behind these rings becoming so popular is because of the effects that they can create. Even though they are made using a number of diamonds instead of a bigger diamond (and hence they are less expensive), the setting makes it appear as if one single big diamond has been used in the ring. This is solely due to the setting of the diamonds.Hence, a lot depends on how well the diamonds have been set, and how firmly they have been set as well. If the setting is not done properly, the diamonds may fall off accidentally when you may be cleaning the ring. This is precisely why most of the jewelers are very careful about cleaning these rings. It is fairly common, that jewelers shy away from cleaning a pave ring with an ultrasonic cleaner, since the movement the sound creates can often loosen the stones and the risk of loosing a stone later is greatly increased.

What Metal should you use?

Make sure you look for a good and firm setting when buying such a ring. Try to opt for a gold or a platinum band, to ensure you get the best for the money you spend.

How to care for your pave diamond engagement ring

And just as any form of jewelry, remember to take good care of your ring. To clean you would certainly take gentle care and use warm water, a soft toothbrush and a mild soap or professional jewelery cleaner. You need to ensure that there is no hair, fiber or residue stuck in between the diamond setting. A thorough yet gentle cleaning will help get back the stunning looks of your ring and preserve it for years. And just remember never to use any bleach or acid to clean. Never use any sharp objects to clean the gaps if any. If you are not happy with the cleaning of your pave diamond engagement ring, just take it to a professional jeweler.

If you take good care of your jewelry, than pave diamond engagement rings are a great choice.


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