Pave Diamond Ring – Make Or Take A Hint

By Dirk Rendel

Diamonds can seem to be both a girl’s best friend and worst enemy depending on your situation. Trotting from jewelry store to jewelry store to find something for her can be just as difficult and time consuming as dropping hints and using feminine wiles to receive a shiny bauble from him. So, why not narrow down your search and make your hints accurate with a quick lesson in diamonds?

Ladies, feel free to tell your men that they have “paved” your heart with love. Gentlemen, express that she is the one who is “paving” the way to a blissful future when you drop down to one knee. But first you need to know why these statements may help you hint, shop, and propose.

Though one could shave dollars and hours by adjusting certain aspects of his or her ring, there is no question that the cut must be just right. And, though many fall prey to the fads of current fashion and submit to the typical solitaire, it is important to know that there is another option – the Pave Cut Diamond Ring. For the elegant woman who loves sparkle, the Pave Diamond Ring setting is the way to go. More than the typical solitaire, a Pave Diamond Ring gives the purchaser the option to shower their loved one with more than one stone and an option such as this can surely make a difference when heading towards the cash register.

This type of ring is named for its distinct style. Pave Diamond Rings refer to a sophisticated style of band. The name of this ring was born from the customary placement of brilliant round cut diamonds on a band, in effect, “paving” it in sparkle and shimmer. With a number of smaller stones “paved” along a precious metal ring of your choosing, the lady who wears this symbol of your love and devotion is guaranteed to receive compliments on its originality and quality in any light.

So, as you sidle up to the pristine glass display cases, leaving sweaty palm prints behind you, take a deep breath and relax. You have done your homework, you know the lingo, and you are here to buy a ring that will “pave” the way to many years of marital bliss. Remember, trend will come and go and fads will fade, but class like the smooth refinement of a Pave Diamond Ring is timeless.


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