Pave Diamond Wedding Band – More For The Money

By Dirk Rendel

A pave diamond wedding band is great value

Rationality would argue that two cheeseburgers are better than one. This train of reasoning would then have to lead one to the conclusion that many diamonds are better than a few. As a corollary of this, your wallet should feel a quite dramatic impact if you were to splash out on many diamonds. A pave diamond wedding band offers you the option of having many diamonds at a fraction of the cost of having one big awkward lump of stone. This may sound too good to be true, but that’s only because you don’t yet know, what a pave diamond wedding band is.

A pave diamond ring, as the name indicates, is comprised of a small road of diamonds. The gemstones are held in place by small tongs which cling to each individual gem. An astute jeweler will cut the stones so that they all look exactly the same. He will then piece them together to form a smooth continuous road of diamonds which hides the band completely. The ring appears as a thin road of stars wrapped around the finger of a dreamy lover.

This glittering road of diamonds has the potential of making one think of an exorbitant sum of money, but this is not the case. Diamonds aren’t priced by quantity, but carat weight. The greater the carat weight of a stone, the more expensive it will be. The small diamonds which are pieced together to complete the road will not be too expensive and each individual diamond is easy to replace.

This article started off sounding like a far-fetched sales pitch, but the truth is that a pave diamond wedding band allows one to buy many gemstones, without spending too much money. The design is also very versatile and it can be adapted to suit a man or woman. It has become reasonably popular for couples to get matching pave diamond wedding bands when they become married.

Infomercials often offer us wonderful deals that seem too good to be true. Infomercials are comprised mostly of lies used to cash in on the terrible ideas of B-grade inventors.
This article is not an infomercial and it does offer you something pretty awesome. It provides you with the information to know that it is possible to buy many diamonds and not spend too much money. If you truly want to sparkle in the candle light, then you should invest in a pave diamond wedding band.

Why go for one diamond when you can have a bunch of diamonds in a single piece of jewelry? There’s a certain elegance that comes with having a number of little stones set close together in a piece of jewelry.

This is what I am talking about, pave diamond wedding bands. A pave diamond wedding band would have smaller diamond rings set close together forming a “pavement” of diamonds across the ring’s band, usually just a halfway around the band. As compared to larger diamonds in whatever cut set in a solitaire, these pave rings are less expensive but no less dramatic nonetheless.

Aside from engagement rings, diamond rings in pave setting are used as wedding bands, anniversary rings, and mens rings. Watch out, though, for pieces that are not properly cut and positioned or you might be scouring the street pavements on your hands and knees looking for stones that have been dislodged from your ring. Perfectly set rings should have diamonds that are cut in identical shape and size and positioned against one another in perfect alignment for a smooth and level look.

Aside from the stunning sparkle of a pave diamond wedding band, there are several other factors that make it an attractive choice in jewelry. A pave setting is often found to be more secure and less prone to damage or loose stones. Because of this, this kind of jewelry may be worn on any occasion or even on a day-to-day basis without fear of demanding activities causing damage to the ring. Another good thing about this setting is its flexibility in using different colored diamonds or even other kinds of gems together with the white diamonds in the pave setting.

There are beautiful diamond rings that showcase beautiful rainbows of colored stones or bursts of color to highlight a solitaire in the middle of the pave setting. The options are extensive and browsing through the options could already provide hours of pleasure just imagining the pieces of jewelry on your finger. When you have chosen the piece that you want, you would want to make sure that, more than just being beautiful to look at, the diamond ring you are buying is crafted with impeccable workmanship.

Jewelry stores whether online or offline would have a large selection of pave diamond wedding bands that you can browse through and pick from. Most jewelry stores should also be able to customize a diamond ring in pave setting depending on a design that you might have in mind. What is important for you to consider in buying diamond rings, or any other pieces of diamond jewelry for that matter, is the reputation of the jewelry store you are buying from.

You cannot buy diamond jewelry with merely dollars and cents. For the thousands of dollars you have to fork over for your diamond jewelry, you should be able to get a piece of paper that certifies your diamond jewelry as authentic. You should also be able to get a guarantee and a warranty on the diamond jewelry’s quality and workmanship. Diamond jewelry is not something you buy from a mom and pop store, and definitely not from a hooded figure sulking in the alleyway. Just as careful as you should be when choosing your pave diamond wedding band, you should also be careful where you buy your pave  ring from.



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