Pave Diamonds – The Way To Go

By Dirk Rendel

What are pave diamonds?

Diamonds are beautiful that’s for sure. But it can get expensive when shopping for a large stone, retail solitaires are hugely expensive compared to the pave ring. As the name suggests, pave diamonds are a literal pavement of diamonds on a band. The effect is quite stunning and provides a dramatic effect as opposed to a solitaire on it’s own.

You’re going to have a whole slew of admirers grabbing your hand to look at the glow emanating from your new ring. In a well designed setting made with pave diamonds, the surface to the eye should look level and smooth with all small diamonds cut in an identical shape and size. Brilliant white diamonds are the most often used in pave style rings. A current trend for this style of setting is for part or all of an engagement ring. A half pave, as it suggests is a pave setting that goes halfway around the band. A full pave setting goes all the way around the band. For engagement rings that feature a pave setting, oftentimes prongs will be added to accommodate an additional solitaire stone. Although not too common in the engagement setting, the full pave effect is often found in wedding and anniversary bands.

A well made pave diamond ring looks incredible next to a plain solitaire ring. Expect many, many compliments from others, yes even complete strangers! Also gaining popularity in the pave diamond rings arena, is the use of colored diamonds. Although rarer than it’s sibling white diamonds, colored diamonds can be used in pave style settings to accentuate and accessorize outfits. Common colors used include yellow, pink, blue and chocolate diamonds. These type of rings are usually set in yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Some jewelers will even custom make a pave diamond ring to your tastes and specifications.

Another advantage to this setting is the ability to wear it day to day without worrying about losing stones or damaging or cracking a large solitaire stones. For those who have demanding jobs that require a lot of abuse of their jewelry, pave diamonds can be the answer to not wearing any diamond jewelry at all. They are much less likely to get damaged, plus they are very budget friendly, due to the use of smaller size diamonds. Diamond prices are calculated by carat weight, cut, clarity and color. If you consider how much you are getting for your money with a pave diamonds, you’ll be surprised at how much money you can save.

You will want to be sure you purchase from a reputable jeweler whether online or offline. Read reviews and ask for referrals when searching for that perfect pave diamond ring. Correct workmanship should ensure that the stones are set with metal that overlaps and holds the stones securely in place. You will also want to make sure that you pick the right size pave diamond ring when shopping. A pave diamond ring that needs to be reset can actually loosen the stone’s settings because of the way it’s made. It’s better to get it right the first time than risk losing stones over a period of time. A good jeweler should always back up his work with a good warranty. If you follow these tips, you and your pave diamonds will have a long relationship together as well as your significant other.


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