Pear Cut and Heart Shape

By Dirk Rendel

As popular as the pear shape is, it is surprising how many people don’t know that this type of diamond is actually a hybrid of sorts. It “pairs” (sorry about the pun) our old stalwart the round brilliant and the trusty old marquise. When done right, the pear can be among the most brilliant, sparkling designs around, adding an extra layer of luxury to even the most beautiful jewelry.

But when done wrong, the pear is a mere shadow of its true potential. You’ll have to be careful when looking at pear shapes because a slight imperfection can ruin the entire atmosphere of this classy stone. Also, make sure that the shoulders of the pear are at an appropriate angle. You don’t want the shoulders to be too high. High shoulders on a pear stone will completely ruin the symmetry and fluidity of what is meant to be a gorgeous design. Also be vigilant about ensuring that the shoulders are even. They are supposed to form a smooth, rounded arc. Anything that resembles corners or ridges should be avoided at all costs. You’ll probably know right away which ones have wonky shoulders because they’ll be priced lower.


It should come as no surprise that many people find this to be among the most romantic cuts. After all, hearts and diamonds have always gone beautifully together. Haven’t you ever seen a deck of cards? But all joking aside, the heart shape really is quite popular as a romantic gift, even when you step back and realize that it is little more than a pear cut with a cleft for its top.

But it is important to know that this is not an easy shape to shop for. The cut of a heart shaped diamond must be absolutely precise and it is recommended that you opt for as high a grade as you can afford. The reason for this is that the cleft can easily be screwed up and made to look inferior. And unlike with some other stones, this cut can really let its imperfections shine through.

Typically, you’ll find the heart shape to be less prevalent than other shapes when you’re shopping for diamonds. There are a couple reasons for why this is: We’ve already learned that it can be a total bitch to cut a heart shaped diamond, but also you will find that many sellers won’t cut a heart stone that weighs less than a carat. If you’re lucky you’ll find some 0.75ct heart cuts during your shopping experience. Either way, you can already see the price tag inflating before your eyes, can’t you? They say the heart wants what the heart wants; in this case, the heart wants all of your money.

But it is still a beautiful cut and, when set in a four prong setting (this is the necessary setting for the heart cut, just as the six prong setting is required for the oval), it really does glimmer with the light of a thousand Paris nights.



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