Pink Diamond Engagement Rings – Expensive

By Dirk Rendel

Pink Diamond Engagement Rings Are Expensive

If your girlfriend requests an ordinary colorless diamond ring, then you should immediately rush out and buy it for her. You must snuff out her interest in diamonds because you need to ensure that she doesn’t stumble across rare pink diamond engagement rings. If she has her heart set on one of these then your savings account could vanish as quickly as Twilight tickets on opening night. After buying her the more reasonable diamond ring then you should install a “pink diamond block” to regulate what can be viewed on the internet. If she finds one then your humble, colorless offering might disappear down the toilet in an angry flush.

Pink has long been considered a feminine color.  It’s the perfect color to express romance, so why not get a pink diamond engagement ring.  One major reason is that this type of ring is very rare.  If you’re actually able to find one, then you’ll soon wish you hadn’t!

Since pink diamond engagement rings are so rare, they are incredibly expensive.  Sure, you love your girlfriend, but are you willing to pay an arm and a leg to prove it?  If she sets her eyes on one, then you’ll be in lots of trouble because she’ll certainly have to have it.

Your aspirations to buy that new car or jet-ski are threatened and you need to know your enemy. The cutely named pink diamond is a very rare and very expensive gemstone which provides unequivocal evidence that Mother Nature is definitely a woman.

Natural Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Natural pink diamond engagement rings are said to be so rare that most jewelers have never seen one. Yes, the exclusive diamond dealing industry has elite subgroups that only free-masons and Jedis can join.

The rarity of natural pink diamonds means that people sometimes stain colorless diamonds, but these cannot be certified as a true pink diamond. If you buy a pink diamond, then you have to be very careful that you aren’t being coaxed into buying a stone that was left in a bottle of cherry Kool-Aid for a few hours. It is important to remember that enhanced or color treated pink diamonds should always be cheaper than the natural equivalent.

pink diamond engagement ringsExperts claim that natural pink diamond engagement rings have a brighter sparkle and superior beauty, but your untrained eyes will not be able to tell the difference. If your girlfriend insists on a pink diamond engagement ring then you should definitely look for an artificially colored one.

Pink diamonds are almost always sold separately, so you will also have to design a ring for the stone that you choose. This is a nice touch for your girlfriend because it gives her the opportunity to design something unique, but it will cut another wedge out of your savings account because the jeweler will expect to be paid for designing your lover’s pink diamond engagement ring.

Everything from the expense to the possibility of being cheated by a shady jeweler suggests that you should avoid buying pink diamond engagement rings, but, if her fluttering eyes coerce you into agreeing to this mild expenditure, then don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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