Solitaire Diamond Ring

By Dirk Rendel

The words solitaire and diamonds will give many people flashbacks to a time when they were addicted to an infuriating Windows card game. All recovering addicts should rest assured that this post does not concern solitaire at all. If, however, you met your soul mate at an addict meeting then you should pay attention because when the time comes for you to pop the question, you might want to know a thing or two about solitaire diamond rings.

The name solitaire diamond ring seems to suggest a celebration of independence and solitude. The whole concept of this appears juxtaposed to the togetherness which is normally associated with couples.

A loving pair would definitely avoid anything which jinxes their love and leaves them with a solitaire burning of loneliness. Despite the deficiency of this damning name, solitaire diamond rings have actually become a very popular choice for engagement rings.

You can always identify a solitaire diamond ring by the single gemstone fixed to a band. It is a very common choice for engagement rings because it draws immediate attention to the diamond and thereby attracts extensive attention. The single gemstone is said to symbolize the celebration of an everlasting love.

The image of a solitary diamond sitting atop a thin band, wrapped around the slender finger of a young woman simply captures the excitement and hedonism of young love so accurately. The single stone glimmers and leaves every observer in absolute envy. The word solitaire has nothing to do with the relationship status of this woman, but rather because her loved one has selected a single stone from millions to express how much she means to him.

By choosing a solitaire diamond  ring, you open many choices with regard to the cut which your loved one would find most aesthetically pleasing. Common shapes include the round brilliant and princess cuts, but there is also a growing interest in retro styles because they seem more unique and adventurous. You should research as many different styles as possible, because the options are almost limitless.

This gem can be shaped in a number of different ways and a capable jeweler will be able to take your imagination and allow for it to materialize right in front of you. The more popular shapes include the round brilliant and princess cuts, but retro styles are once again becoming in vogue. Many couples are consulting antique galleries to find something that uniquely illustrates their love.

Remember that the cost of a diamond is dependent on carat weight, and a solitaire diamond ring requires quite a large stone. The cost will always be dictated by your loved one’s personal preferences, but the solitaire diamond ring can prove less affordable than other styles, because a larger diamond might be required to match her exact desires.

The large stone also causes additional problems because it can be quite cumbersome. Diamonds are heavy gemstones and you should never sacrifice comfort when deciding on a design. A large clumsy stone can also get caught on fabric or scratch a loved one’s face. When designing the ring ensure that the diamond doesn’t protrude to the extent that it resembles a crudely designed prison weapon.

Remember to design the ring in a way which is practical. There is nothing more unappealing than a cumbersome stone sitting atop a thin band, which by accident scratches a loved one’s face from time to time. Talk to the jeweler for a long time and ensure that he knows exactly what you want. If you can find some samples to show him, then this would be very helpful.

A single stoned ring will also draw additional attention to the actual band, so you will need to choose an appropriate metal and design to go with your diamond. Nothing looks more uncomfortable than a beautiful diamond sitting on top of crude tin band.

As you come closer to popping the question, you should research as much about solitaire diamond rings as you can. The best way to do this is by avoiding solitaire and reading reliable websites which aren’t simply trying to make a quick buck out of an ignorant loves-struck puppy.

You need to be financially cautious when investing in solitaire diamond rings, because they can be expensive. The cost of a diamond is measured by its carat weight and the large stone required for a solitaire diamond ring can become a little expensive. Ensure that you have saved for long enough to give your girlfriend the ideal gift on your special day.

In order to understand the unique beauty of solitaire diamond rings, you need to imagine traveling the world to find a single gemstone which accurately expresses your love. No image could be more romantic than a guy who has traveled to end of the earth, through fires and jungles, just to find a single gemstone and then present it to his lover while kneeling in front of her with her solitaire diamond ring.


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