Cubic Zirconia Wedding Rings – Fake?

July 29, 2012 by  

By Dirk Rendel

Cubic Zirconia Wedding Rings Are Not Fake

Alright, so, yeah, some people snidely refer to Cubic Zirconia Wedding Rings as fake diamonds, but don’t get completely roped into the hype and the name calling.  Don’t you even want to know what this crystal is all about, especially given the lower prices? There is a reason they got so popular in the first place!

For many the price of diamonds can make diamond wedding rings a non option, and few know just how good cubic zirconia wedding rings can be. Diamonds rarity and high demand plainly put make them expensive. Also diamonds take a lot of time and effort to cut, which adds to the price. This is not even taking into account clarity, cut and carat size, all of which effect not only the price but the appearance of the ring itself. Many a couple has delayed their engagement over the price of an engagement ring.

Luckily there is an alternative option to be had. That option can be found with cubic zirconia wedding rings. Cubic zirconia wedding rings are a very affordable alternative to natural diamond engagement rings. A cubic zirconia wedding ring can you you the look of a natural diamond engagement ring without the heavy price tag a natural one carry’s. One good thing is these rings are becoming not only accepted by society but also embraced by many. This means of course these rings do not carry any stigma of being cheap.

Did you know that pretty much only a jeweler can tell the difference between a good cubic zirconia versus a diamond? When a jeweler can tell, he needs his eye piece to do so. Cubic zirconia wedding rings also do not have the imperfections that diamonds do, such as inclusions and discolorations. In fact cubic zirconia stones are perfect in every way, and can often out dazzle any diamond. Also it should be noted this Synthetic gem is very eco-friendly, as no heavy mining has ruined the environment to mine it.

One can also get other colors of cubic zirconia, besides the typical clear and colorless gems. Ever had your eye on a pink diamond engagement ring but found the higher price making owning one a dream? Look no further than cubic zirconia! They can be cut to any standard diamond cut, from the princess cut to a cushion cut and beyond.

If you are looking for an engagement ring with style, class, beauty, fire, that sparkles in the sun like a real diamond would, but cannot afford the price of a natural diamond ring, then a cubic zirconia wedding ring might just be what you are looking for. One can get rather large and flawless cubic ziroconia gemstones for much less than a diamond of the same size. The best part of it is, no one needs to know unless you tell them!

CZ (a typical abbreviation for Cubic Zirconia) are indeed considered crystals, or to be more precise, a form of zirconium dioxide.  Now, the crystalline form of cubic zirconia is not usually found in nature, so some scientist or chemist has to go out of their way to heat it and tweak it and make it into a crystal for use in jewelry.  If you are considering purchasing a Cubic Zirconia Wedding Ring for your honey, doing this bit of homework and explaining to her how much work goes into these durable, visually flawless crystals may help to win her over to the more economical side of the fence.

But what is the difference and why are these Diamoniques (a common nickname for Cubic Zirconia) less expensive than other synthetic stones used for jewelry?  Well, Cubic Zironia Wedding Rings are highly refractive, allowing for them to sparkle and shine more than cheap glass and crystal knock-offs.  But, since they are not as dense as diamonds, they sell for a lesser price.

However, if you are interested in the differences – what gemologists and jewelers take note of is that Cubic Zirconia weigh more than diamonds but are not as hard.  Comparing them to other “made” (rather than “mined”) stones, CZ have a more natural shine (more similar to real diamonds), they are harder than other made competitors, they do not have visual imperfections, and they rank higher in their colorless appearance.

One downside that you may run into when you are shopping for a Cubic Zirconia Wedding Ring is that finding a quality piece in the desired setting and cut may be a tad difficult as they are not necessarily readily available in some jewelry stores.  Should this stop you from popping the question or shopping for your sweetheart?  Not at all!

Most importantly, if you are going to go the route of Cubic Zirconia Wedding Rings, commit. Don’t worry. Be discerning, be careful, and remember all of that science business that may get her to appreciate CZ just as much as you, and many others do.

Cubic zirconia wedding rings can also be found online at a significant savings than one would find in a brick and mortar store front. Many of these online shops will have return policy’s as well, so if there is an issue with your purchase you can return it. The reason many people buy these cubic zirconia wedding rings online is the online shops do not have nearly the amount of overhead costs that your local jeweler would carry, and these savings are passed onto you, the consumer.