Pave Diamond Ring: The Various Available Styles and Designs

January 30, 2010 by  

The pave diamond ring has the diamonds set on the band in a unique fashion. As the name suggests, the ring has a number of small diamonds paved on the band. Such a setting gives the ring a shinier and gorgeous look. There are a number of styles and designs that go with the paved diamond rings. Let us go through them and understand what how to choose the one to match your style.

The Wedding Ring

A paved diamond ring can be a great wedding or an engagement ring for a woman. Due to the shiny and glittery look, it becomes a greatly desirable piece of jewelry for almost any woman. And this extends to the male population as well. Such rings have delighted both the sexes over the time, and can be a great addition to your life.

Some Important Facts

There are some facts that need careful consideration with regards to the paved diamond rings. First of all, these rings are definitely not that can be worn every day. This is because since there are a number of diamonds set on the band, daily wear and tear can loosen up the paved setting and there may be chances of seeing the diamonds come off from the band.

Even while cleaning such a ring, you must ensure that you do it carefully. Never be too rough on the ring while cleaning it, as the prongs that hold the small diamonds in place may give way, and the gems may fall off without you coming to know about it.

In such a situation, when you find one of the diamonds have fallen off, try to get the ring fitted with another diamond as soon as possible, as there is always a chance of seeing the other diamonds loosen up and fall off as well. You need to understand that these rings need to be handled and worn with care at all times.

The Most Popular Designs

There are a number of popular styles and designs that you will come across with a pave diamond ring. The various available designs and styles include the antique style, the bezel pave setting, the channel pave setting, the diamond cathedral setting, the pave set diamond, the halo setting, the tiffany pave setting, the stardust setting, etc.

The amount of money that you will need to spend on such a ring largely depends on the style you are going for, the 4 Cs and the quality of the band. Therefore, do a bit of research and then check out exactly what suits you the best, and only then purchase the pave diamond ring to get the best available option that your money can buy you.