Diamond Solitaire Rings = Engagement

July 28, 2012 by  

By Dirk Rendel

For years, diamond solitaire rings have been the epitome of true love. Diamond solitaire rings are not only beautiful; there is something in the solitaire that makes diamond solitaire rings magnificent. These rings were originally designed in a gold band with the diamond set in a prong setting but these days silver and platinum are also used for bands and various settings are available apart from prong. Diamond solitaire rings can be a great way to express your love and feelings for someone. These rings can bring out the true value of a diamond quite successfully, including the looks, shine, the luster, and everything else that makes us crave for a diamond. A diamond solitaire ring can be the best way to make your fingers look more classy and beautiful.

Then and Now: The Times They Are aChangin’

Solitaire means single. Choose the largest size as your budget allows. But what’s this? Gone are the days when a solitaire ring meant a gold band and a single stone. Today, people like to experiment with a small solitaire diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds set in bands that vary from silver and platinum to gold and white gold. Jewelers are getting creative by using different metals, cut and settings and these designs are appreciated by all. The true connoisseurs still prefer classic single diamond solitaire rings set in gold bands. Owing to the quality and the class of a solitaire diamond, it is generally used for important occasions in one’s life. It is quite common to see these rings being used for wedding and engagement purposes. People have associated these diamonds with long lasting relationships. Presenting someone with a solitaire diamond means expressing one’s truest feelings for that person. The cut of the diamond is also being experimented with. While the round brilliant was the only preferred earlier, today cuts like princess cut, marquise cut, cushion cut, and emerald cut are also available. The round brilliant looks best in a four-prong setting, but the newer cuts come in different new prong settings for a wide variety to choose from. Diamond solitaire rings used to mean colorless diamonds. Today, colored diamond solitaire rings are also becoming popular. Generally these diamonds are set on the band with the help of prongs. There may be 4 to 6 prongs present on the band to hold the diamond. The number of prongs generally depends on the size of the diamond, and sometimes also on the metal used for the band. It is a good idea to check each of the shapes mentioned above to see which one you like.

What To Look For?

When buying diamond solitaire rings the diamond needs to be inspected carefully. Decide your budget and then get the best quality diamond you can get in that budget. The grade of the diamond is important as is the weight – get the highest grade solitaire – a lesser grade means there must be some impurities present or may be a tint of color. Unless this is a surprise, the intended wearer must be present so that the size is a sure-fit and all other aspects are to the wearer’s liking. Nothing beats the charm and elegance of diamond solitaire rings. The simplicity of diamond solitaire rings is timeless and ageless. If you’re the classic romantic, nicely done diamond solitaire rings are the only rings you should settle for when doing something so important in your life – asking your beloved, “Will you marry me?”

Buying the Ring

If the above information seems to have given you a fresh interest in diamond solitaire rings, then you also need to know how to choose such a diamond ring. First of all, you need to be aware of the most important factors that decide the price and quality of any diamond, namely, the color, the carat, the clarity and the cut.

These factors are responsible for the great looks of any diamond, and are the chief decider of the value the diamond has. Next, try to select the most appropriate design and the band to suit your personality.

Finally, make sure you compare the prices in a number of stores, so that you get to purchase one of the best diamond solitaire rings available for your money.