Pave Diamond Ring Guide – More Basics

November 10, 2009 by  

By Dirk Rendel

Pave Diamond Ring

The name of this ring is derived from the word “Pave” , pronounced as Pa Vay. True to its name,  a cluster of tiny diamonds is encrusted in either a gold or a platinum band to develop the Pave Diamond Ring. The end result is a sparkling and glamorous ring which is not subtle by any means. It is available mainly in three styles and can be modified in accordance with custom preferences.

The first option is a Single Band consisting of a single row of numerous tiny brilliant cut diamonds encrusted together and rarely a large precious stone is set amongst them.The other design is the Three-Dimensional Band. In this ring a central row of diamonds with the center stone is slightly elevated than the single lines set at an angle on either side to support the middle row. These modifications can be done depending on your monetary bandwidth. If opting to do so please be aware whether the jeweler is setting the center stone in a Basket-Set, Bezel-Set or Prong-Set manner in the ring. The plain cluster can also be set on a thin band. You can also select whether to extend the diamonds on the whole band (“Full Pave”) or to cover only half the band (“Half Pave”).  Last but not the least a wide band of diamonds is the most popular of the three styles.

Like any other jewelery attention is required regarding the cleansing and cleaning of the ring. You can soak the ring in warm water but do not scrub, since it might damage the metal or the stones might fall out. Secondly avoid any contact with harsh chemicals while wearing the ring. The clustered setting provides ample scope for stones to fall out. Thus timely checks with the jeweler should be scheduled. Even though the stones are affordable but the beauty of the ring is lost when a stone is missing.

While wearing or preserving, the Pave rings should never be stacked on each other. Since this results in scratches and tarnished surface. To make it short, a Pave Diamond Ring has to be worn with some care, since the setting does not permit any garden work, doing the dishes and / or fist fights.

The Pave Engagement ring is the perfect choice for a man to express his undying affection for his beloved through the cluster of diamonds.