Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

July 29, 2012 by  

By Dirk Rendel

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings– Not Only For A Princess

What does it take to pop the question?  Place, time, her favorite flowers, how you will pop the question and now the final piece of this elaborate puzzle – the ring.  You know the princess cut diamond engagement rings that she has mentioned, but it looks so expensive for one little ring! Won’t another cut be “close enough” and make her just as happy?  Do you really want to risk that?

Princess cut diamond engagement rings, referred to in the certification as a “square modified brilliant,” were born and gained much popularity in the 1960’s.  It is a favorite and this particular cut is on par price wise with other cuts, You see, this particular cut is usually made from the rough diamond crystals that are very high quality.

If you are not so sure that the princess cut diamond ring is the one you are going to take the plunge and commit to, here are some tidbits of helpful information that may sway you.  Much talk is made of the one, solitaire, engagement ring style that is more common than the princess cut – the round brilliant diamond ring.  One reason for the Round cut’s popularity is that it has been around a lot longer. But, let’s be perfectly clear – each style does have it’s own issues and there is one that must be considered for the princess cut diamond ring.  That is that, due to the precise cut, the four, sharp corners are prone to chipping. Fortunately, this is only an issue with loose stones, since the prongs will perfectly protect the diamond in a setting.

Now, not everyone finds his or her perfect ring, already set, sitting in a display case in a shopping mall or chain jewelry store. So, if you are pondering buying a loose stone, don’t be afraid.  Simply shop around online (you could do some research in a jewelry store first, in order to get an idea why online is a better option), purchase your diamond, and then take a step back to find the setting the compliments your precious stone.

One thing you will want to take into consideration with  princess cut diamond engagement rings is that you need to be sure to buy a stone with the best possible quality for your budget. Don’t break the bank; just learn where to compromise a tad.  One bit of technical information that you really want to remember is that the best total depth of a princess cut diamond is between 65 % and 75%. If you don’t want to check that, that’s fine, just make sure that the certificate says “good” or better in the cut section.

Please, guys don’t let the name of this cut cause you to run in the other direction.  She may not be or wish to be called a princess, but that is not even the point.  Princess cut diamond engagement rings will surely cause your beloved to see you as the prince charming she always wanted.

A princess cut diamond engagement ring is more popular than ever. And yes, they can be worn by someone other than a princess. You definitely don’t have to be royalty to wear one of these sparklers! If you love the fiery brilliance of the traditional round cut, but want something a little different, then the princess cut may be just what you’re looking for. It somehow manages to have all the luster and fire of the round brilliant cut, but in the eye catching  geometric square shape. The princess cut diamond has been carefully cut to get the maximum amount of sparkle from a square cut. The cut of this diamond is also more forgiving of weaknesses and flaws in the natural stone.

Princess cut diamond engagement rings are stunning and classic to look at. They are distinctly modern but with an old fashioned edge. The diamond cut is in the shape of an inverted pyramid, the only downside to this cut of diamond is that it has corners that can be prone to chipping. To combat this always look for princess cut diamond engagement rings that have prongs securely folded over the corners to prevent this from happening, and to keep the diamond secure in it’s setting. Another bonus of choosing  princess cut diamond engagement rings is that the stones themselves actually cost less than the round brilliant. It looks like you’ve spent a million bucks, but in reality you’re actually saving money. This is because more of the rough diamond is kept in tact during the cutting process. So, if you’re on a budget and want the lovely sparkle of a brilliant cut, but without the higher price tag, princess cut diamond engagement rings may be for you.

There are several different ways that princess cut diamonds can be set to make princess cut diamond engagement rings. Of course, the most common way is to use the diamond in a solitaire type ring. Princess cut diamonds should always be set in a four prong setting to keep it secure and prevent chipping of the corners. Bands can be anything from yellow gold to platinum. It’s actually more desirable to use a whiter metal when selecting a band. This is because the princess cut diamond can look yellowy when placed in white gold because it refracts more light from the increased surface area.

Another popular way to wear princess cut diamond engagement rings is to place three princess cut diamonds together in a cluster. Often known as the past, present and future ring, this is very popular with many couples. Some other formations you may see in the jeweler’s window include a princess cut stone with two baguette stones and even a princess cut stone that’s turned on it’s side to form a diamond shape. Whatever you desire is possible with a princess cut stone. When purchasing one of many princess cut diamond engagements rings, always remember the 4 C’s. Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. All these are essential when choosing the right ring for that special moment. These lovely rings are truly fit for a princess whether she’s from just round the corner or from a far distant land. Consider your choices and maybe your loved one will own a princess cut diamond engagement ring.