Princess Cut Diamond Rings – What?

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By Dirk Rendel

Princess Cut Diamond Rings and Reality

You’re lying around on a lazy Sunday afternoon, enjoying the fact that you are free from any obligations whatsoever, when your girlfriend walks into the room. She sits on the couch and snuggles up next to you. She whispers something inaudible into your ear and you have to ask her to repeat it. She simply looks at you and says, “Princess cut diamond ring” and walks out of the room. You are left in silence, on a couch, all too aware of the empty wallet in your pocket.

When the time comes to pop the question, things like the cut of a diamond can suddenly become very important issues. It is not enough to simply buy a diamond; you also have to decide on the aesthetic shape which your significant other would find most appealing.

And make her yours forever. Why not? Men everywhere are just the same – the only difference is their faces, which anyone can tell apart. But if you want to be extra special, give her a princess cut diamond ring, then you’ll really stand out from the rest.

If everyone around is into the traditional round brilliant cut and you thought you might want something different instead, then you will surely love the icy fire of the princess cut. This particular square cut is perfectly designed for the maximum brilliance that made it a popular choice for a long time now.

First introduced into the market back in the sixties, princess cut diamond rings are highly regarded as the best thing next to the round brilliant anywhere these days. It’s also every diamond manufacturer’s dream, and for a very good reason. The yield from the rough is really something else; it can be cut down into two producing two princess cuts! Then they can just add a structure on top of the stone with some brilliant faceting.

You can only imagine how much valuable diamond material will be lost when cutting round brilliants from a single piece of rough. The difference is another story itself; a round brilliant usually yields at around 40%, while princess cuts can give out from 80% to 90% yield. You now have a clear idea why the princess cut is cheaper when compared to its round counterpart.

When talking about diamond color, a little extra care would be needed with princess cut diamond rings than with the round brilliant. Since both are brilliant cuts to begin with, they are also capable of chopping up light. This means the rough material’s true color would be much harder to determine.

However, the light return registered by the round brilliant is significantly superior, which means it would be ideal if you keep secret the true color of the diamond. Just remember that when purchasing a diamond for your princess cut diamond ring, check that the center stone’s color will smartly match the accent diamond’s color.

The popularity of the princess cut is surpassed by the round brilliant because of the diamond shapes. It’s affordability is credited mostly to its ability to retain the properties of the rough diamond. You get to pay less the amount for the same weight than with alternative options.

Princess Cut Diamond Rings –  Magnificent

The best part of this magnificent ring however, is simply in the name itself, which is already enchanting in every sense. The shape of the cuts has allowed you secretly to save some cash upon purchase.
The squared majesty and elegance of princess cut diamonds makes it the best option available for a prospect engagement ring. The side view particularly introduces an inverted pyramid, automatically invoking some romantic mystery coming from an enchanted place that spells excitement. This ring is distinctly crafted to capture light sources and reflect back beautiful sparkles.

Personalized princess cut diamond rings best suited for an engagement atmosphere is clearly among of today’s favorites since it gives every prospect that feeling originality and adventure. Treat her like a princess with a princess cut diamond ring, and she’ll be yours in no time at all.

The mere mention of princess cut diamond rings would succeed in frightening almost any person, because princesses are stereotypically envisaged as extravagant tantrum bundles. The reality, however, is that a princess cut diamond is actually more affordable than alternative shapes.

The popularity of the princess cut is surpassed only by the round brilliant when it comes to the diamond shapes. The princess cut is also more affordable than the round brilliant because it retains more of the rough diamond. With the princess cut diamond you will pay less for the same carat weight than you would if you went for the alternative option.

The best part about a princess cut diamond ring is that the name sounds snobbish enough for you to spin it in your favor. You won’t even have to let anyone know that the shape of the cut allowed you save some cash.

The squared majesty of princess cut diamond rings renders it the perfect option for an engagement ring. The side view presents an inverted pyramid and automatically invokes the romantic mystique of an ancient land. A princess cut diamond ring is designed to capture light and reflect an eye-catching sparkle.

Although your wallet may be empty, you can rest assured that it will all be okay. Your girlfriend has been thoughtful by asking for a princess cut diamond ring, because it is cheaper than alternative options. You can safely return to daydreaming about fighting Persians in the CGI landscape of narrow mountainous corridors and abs.

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