Solitaire Engagement Ring

July 28, 2012 by  

By Dirk Rendel

A Solitaire Engagement Ring Is Really The Only Choice

What is the most popular setting for a diamond? It’s the solitaire setting. Don’t worry guys and girls, it’s not boring at all, pick one of these rings out and you won’t be disappointed. Nothing says love like a spectacular rock on a thin band. It’s simple and fresh, and really you can’t go wrong with a diamond solitaire engagement ring. Seriously, guys if you get this for your significant other, you’re going to be scoring some serious points.

Women often are extremely specific in what type of jewelry they wish to wear and even how the stone is to be cut. Thankfully, solitaire engagement rings are an easy choice to please many women. Solitaire rings focus on having just one diamond instead of numerous diamonds.

The round brilliant cut was originally the only preferred cut but today the demand for variety has made other choices available. Solitaire engagement rings are the traditional expression of the one true love you will share for a lifetime. It’s traditional, but modern, both contemporary and old fashioned. It will never go out of style. They feature simply a band and one gemstone making solitaire engagement rings simple, yet bold. The statement made by a solitaire setting is about the purity of the diamond and the band it is set on.

Solitaire diamonds can be cut to various shapes and sizes. As we mentioned, the round brilliant was the only preferred earlier cut but today cuts like the princess cut, marquise cut, cushion cut and emerald cut are also available. You can go absolutely hog wild when it comes to picking out the shape of the solitaire diamond. Ever seen a heart shape diamond? How about a pear? You’re certainly not limited when it comes to a solitaire engagement ring.

The round brilliant looks best in a four-prong setting, but the newer cuts come in different, new prong settings creating a wide variety of choices from and most are available in yellow or white gold and platinum. Solitaire means a single gemstone or diamond set by itself in a beautiful setting and solitaire engagement rings used to mean colorless diamonds. Today, colored diamond solitaire rings are also becoming popular. A solitaire engagement ring is a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Another important factor is your choice is the size and style of the band. Narrower bands create the appearance of making a smaller diamond seem larger which creates a delicate and beautiful look on smaller fingers. Thicker bands give more options on how you choose to have the diamond set. You have a lot of choices when it comes to the band. Just make sure you measure your significant others finger before you make the plunge. If you’re planning to pop the question, don’t get caught with a ring that’s too small and won’t go over the knuckle. Embarrassing!

When looking at the shape of the diamond, in order to lengthen the look of the gem, another way to make it appear larger than it actually is to go with the emerald and marquise cut or oval and pear-shaped stones. Well-cut, fiery round brilliant gems always stand out no matter what size it is. Uncommonly shaped diamonds, like the trillium cut or heart-shape, will also catch the eye because of its rarity. Since larger stones are far less common than smaller stones the cost is higher, but just because you choose a simple solitaire engagement ring setting that doesn’t mean you sacrifice exquisiteness and style.

The elegantly understated simplicity of a solitaire engagement ring is ageless and timeless. If you think solitaire engagement rings are for old people, then I encourage you to look again. They’re modern and fresh and will never go out of style. Nothing can compare to the classic elegance, charm and simplicity of solitaire rings.

Gold and silver bands are available for a bride to select for her wedding or engagement ring. Platinum and other metals make the choices that a woman has for her amazing solitaire engagement ring even more numerous. You might be surprised at how stunning and beautiful the color of a diamond glows against a white gold band. You need to carefully examine a solitaire engagement ring before purchase. The prongs for the setting need to be strong. Many consumers do not realize that the prongs of the ring are loose until they have the stone fall out and say a few colorful words. The setting for the ring will make a difference! Also, ensure that the band width is set properly for the stone. A small diamond on a narrower band will look much larger. This means that a woman can have a beautiful diamond without having to have an extremely large ring.

The cut of the stone is extremely important to the desired look of a solitaire engagement ring. For example, if a woman wants to have a larger looking stone she can have an emerald or oval cut. A rare cut such as a heart shaped stone will also catch the casual glance from a stranger. It is amazing what some of the unique cuts that are featured on solitaire engagement rings can do to help individuals to make friends.

The larger the stone, the higher the price of the ring will naturally become. This is due to the rarity of larger stones. However, you should strongly consider purchasing even a two or three carat diamond. The color and clarity that these unique diamonds can offer will be brilliant and dazzling for everyone to see on a solitaire engagement ring.