Pave Diamond Ring – Or a Solitaire

By Dirk Rendel

A pave diamond ring has the advantage of looking like a collection of very big stones, yet it is a culmination of very small stones, set tightly together. What does that really mean? Well, diamonds go up in price as the carat weight increases. This happens exponentially and as a result, the bigger the stone, the pricier the ring. In a pave setting, all stones are small, which in turn gives you a lot of value for your money.

Let me give you an example: a one carat solitaire, eye-clean (which means no inclusions are visible to the naked eye) and white (to the untrained eye that would be color M or above) will cost you in the neighborhood of USD 6,000.- (give or take about 2k, to take cut into account). By the same token, a pave diamond ring of the same criteria (smaller stones do not have to have the clarity of larger ones to be considered eye clean, since it is very difficult to see any inclusions in stones that size), will probably cost you somewhere around USD 1,500.-. The performance of the pave ring however, will be by superior to a solitaire, since you have a lot of individually cut diamonds (each with 57 or 58 facets), rather than just one bigger diamond with the same amount of facets.

There are more advantages. For instance, a pave set ring is less likely to get caught on things, since all the diamonds are set into the gold and nothing sticks out that could catch. The disadvantage is, that you have to be careful, since there is a chance of one or more of the smaller stones to just fall out because of the way they are set. However, replacing a stone of say 2 or 3 points is not a big deal financially, replacing a one carat solitaire would be a major loss.

If you want the big look, without the big price-tag, the choice is clear. By the way, i am not suggesting to replace solitaires with pave set, you can not replace a solitaire engagement ring with anything, i am simply saying, that if you want something with a lot of bling, the way to go is with a pave diamond ring .


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